IV. Blank.

Ah, dude, I was out shopping for a new phone. My old one was clinging to the edge. I’ve had my eye on an Android since the first time i ran into one a couple years ago, I just couldn’t justify it, you know? Finally, I decided it was time. I strolled myself in there, texted C. and was like “Fuck it, Android shopping” and then later I got one and signed the contract and whatever and told him the model i got and he was like “[You guys] have those. Well, you had.”, you know, and I knew exactly what he meant. he said you loved it. I’m still in the process of figuring it out, but I think I love it too.

I’m gonna get out there one more time before the hostel is locked up for the winter. I wish you’d been home this summer. You would have loved sitting around the long-ass table in the dining room shooting the shit. We still love it. For ya.

In July they said the third tap was for your buddies who are gone.


One thought on “IV. Blank.”

  1. i like reading your stuff. the way you convey emotion in mundane interaction and action…. wonderful. packed narratives that always leave me thinking.

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