IV. Blank.

Ah, dude, I was out shopping for a new phone. My old one was clinging to the edge. I’ve had my eye on an Android since the first time i ran into one a couple years ago, I just couldn’t justify it, you know? Finally, I decided it was time. I strolled myself in there, texted C. and was like “Fuck it, Android shopping” and then later I got one and signed the contract and whatever and told him the model i got and he was like “[You guys] have those. Well, you had.”, you know, and I knew exactly what he meant. he said you loved it. I’m still in the process of figuring it out, but I think I love it too.

I’m gonna get out there one more time before the hostel is locked up for the winter. I wish you’d been home this summer. You would have loved sitting around the long-ass table in the dining room shooting the shit. We still love it. For ya.

In July they said the third tap was for your buddies who are gone.


1 thought on “IV. Blank.”

  1. i like reading your stuff. the way you convey emotion in mundane interaction and action…. wonderful. packed narratives that always leave me thinking.

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