we watched the sun
come up
one morning in the summer of
my high school friends
and i
my new
older cooler friends and i

cars parked haphazardly
across the parking
couple bottles of wine

the ones i went to watch
bands with
the ones
who offered a better
more fulfilling life
away from the kids from leafy
old money suburbs
who spit on me
because my shoes
were comparitively

and i mashed the
two together
made introductions
held no line
introduced a buddy
to his future wife
who i’d had first crack at


eventually walked away from
miss the boys sometimes
i don’t look
at the high school
yearbook quotes
all that often

i thought i
was different than them
and needed to grow
out of that
i was different from them
but not like i thought

my older cooler friends
all got on with their lives and i
was still 18
my younger cooler friends
did the same
eventually i faded out of the
pictures like
a terrible sequel to back to
the future
and all anybody ever asks
‘whatever happened to him,


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