if it should get done
do it.
if it should wax poetic
hear it.
if it should move on
move it.
if it should get too hectic
bear it.


backwards the
world is waking up,
front on is the sun
at the start of the day.
stopmotion sunrise
city in my mind,
retraced a step,
steps, back, back,


what one needs is
in the quiet mind
that one needs when
one needs force out the day
what to begin
with, where from here,
one foot at a time
take it and cherish
it the rest of the way.


when it sings
hear it.
when it brightens in a moment
embrace it.
when it stings
don’t fear it.
when it still isn’t quite right
erase it.
draw it again.
try it again.


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