dark all day

It’s an empty beach
on a forlorn cold windswept rainy day
in October
It’s a dream that died.
It’s a messy room that needs cleaning
sad song after sad song
A hot, sharp empty inside.

And I wish I could have made it
but I never found the way
and all those summer sparks I
caught and saved
are long gone out today.

I watched you turn and walk
right past me at the door
like you hadn’t seen a thing,
and I watched you go.
And I watch you go.


One thought on “dark all day”

  1. have been MIA for long these several months….. ( a cancer year, and its aftermath…. so not fun) …. then a blogger glitch prevented me from doing any replying… so glad to be able to read you again… I read all the way back to Trinity Bight…. and the one before, as well…. it was like a long cool drink after a long parched night. gorgeous stuff. such a pleasure to see what you do with words and stories and the tender details of everyday life. cheers!!

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