sound/fury, silent nights. (three minus)

than arguing with somebody
who doesn’t know what the fuck
they’re talking ’bout
some chorus?
the stakes are upped
the claws are out
nothing so
mind please get moving
now that you know
what you’re talking ’bout
strong strong voice
better choices
in doing without
and knowing what without’s
knowing that
there is no doubt
that sometimes without
is better.

pile of words,
do you make sense?
can i arrange you like
stacks of legos (again),
row on row?
take down the naivety scene?
am i as excited as i seem to be?
to look forward to white
from the browns and oranges that
bled out green?
take a wintery canvas
and paint a dream,
because i’m not that interesting,
but the things i see that
speak to me
are born and broken,
locked up and free.

You want a mission statement?
I’ll give you a fucking mission statement.
It’s to be kind,
to stop being afraid,
and do the things I do.
Because I’ve been about to do some things
for far too fucking long,
so now I’m gonna
shut up
and do ’em.


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