I was with Professor Plum
in the Library
with the gun.
I met Miss Scarlett
in the ballbathroom
she had the blade,
I brought the doom.
(I saw Mrs. Peacock go off
down the hall
with a Candlestick
on a liar’s call.)

I ran down rusty streets,
I lived in a painted cage,
lived damn well underground,
pulled down a sinner’s wage.
I busted broken things,
on the edges of a broken town,
I made three losers win,
I brought five winners down.
I found seven deadly sins
put the bet back down,
lost all the chips I won
parading them around.
I found seven more
times seventy-everything,
I left them on the floor,
four-hundred-ninety “no one”s,

I blackened my own eyes,
I darkened my own days,
I broke my mother’s heart,
I pushed my friends away,
I broke sacred trusts,
but I keep vigil still,
got killed on all my wagers,
I do not find a thrill
in holes that I won’t fill,
on days I can’t sit still.


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