p.s s, p.


Police .

Police state.


Script, post.

Tell me why I should be writing novels,

happy at the start of baseball season

for the rest it gives my head,

when cops are killing people in their homes

and business forces our planet down

our throats?

I’d like to think it ties together eventually

but what if eventually needs be now?


One thought on “p.s s, p.”

  1. thank you for this.
    i have been wondering the same thing lately.
    my only hypothesis so far
    is that we need to keep nurturing beauty
    we need to focus on what’s working as we remain vigilant and aware of as much as possible
    we need to offer different realities
    our world is in desperate need of new stories
    and we need to tell them.
    what we focus on grows stronger
    we need to take the pieces, the threads
    and weave them into something new
    and beautiful

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