Gotta get this rattle out of my lungs
gotta get this shit off my hands
gotta get the goddamn car fixed again
gotta get down to business
gotta get moving
gotta get ready for winter
’cause winter’s ready for me
gotta get warmer
gotta get colder

gotta give, gotta give back
gotta go backwards, hit the turn, go forward
gotta go, gotta go, gotta go
gotta grab blindly, gotta go forth,
gotta give, gotta give back.

gotta rest
gotta eat, gotta sleep, gotta pay bills,
gotta be
gotta be? Gotta be.

Gotta answer
gotta answer the bell
gotta be a number
gotta be ready when yours is called
gotta gamble
gotta go for it
gotta gotta go for it
gotta, for it.

Gotta rest.
Want to rest.
Gotta get,
gotta go.


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