My Stolen Melodies

He came to me and he put his head down.
He said “I have been through every yard around,
and there is something about the smell,
the window tower and the floor,
that brought me here, up to the door,
through your window, all across your floor.”

She [Content removed; respect and empathy]:
she had, but chose… to [re-turn] back to me
the dancing life across the lawn,
the music loud on the drive home,
the smile to burn the deepest, darkest
depths of all the seas.
The smile from time to time
that we all need.

(And I can’t say that I blame her or believe.)

So I sat on a rock out by the ocean,
I tried my hand at despair and devotion,
I said some things I didn’t mean, I said some
more that turned me green, never
realized I must work twice as hard.
Realized I too went through the yards.
Realized I had to keep my guard.
Realized I had become too hard.

If I had a penny for everyone I’d touched
I wouldn’t count , but check
for shine, discolour, rust,
I cannot count up to the sky, I
cannot furnish all the reasons why,
but I can understand, learning
how to trust.
And I can understand the reasons that I must.

So maybe, some night, someone
sings to me,
and maybe I grow tired or I grow free,
and maybe I can prove I’ve gone alone
and paid my dues,
or maybe I am left to carry on,
for a day when everyone will not be gone.
And maybe I don’t ever have a home,
or I will have one to myself all alone,
but I know now when to show and
to be gone,
and I will always, always have a song.

For now, I will sit here, and I will work.
For now, I will remember what I took,
because what’s been given to me,
will wake me up, will make me free,
and I will turn around the cycle
that could be:
I will make something out of what’s been made of me.

So maybe in a dance or in a song,
so maybe in a here or in a gone
so maybe in a dream, in a nightmare,
a scream, maybe in a soft hum we all carry on,
long after all the echoes fade on,
we will say what’s on our minds,
we will rebuild, we will revise,
we will regrow the wondering eyes
of a child,
we will live the things that take time
from our minds,
we will look across a table
and catch eyes,
we will choose to see so we can
not be blind.


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